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Flood Wood Stain

Flood Wood StainsProtect and enhance your exterior wood with wood stain and exterior wood finish products from The Flood Company. Find the right wood coating to protect your deck, siding and other exterior wood from water and sun.

Flood CWF Hardwoods Clear Wood Finish

CWF HardwoodsFlood® CWF Hardwoods Clear Wood Finish
Penetrating Water-Borne Natural Wood Finish

CWF Hardwoods Clear Wood Finish penetrates and bonds to exterior wood providing a flexible, long lasting rich matte finish, even on tough exotic hardwoods such as Ipe, Pau Lope®, Ironwood and Mahogany. FloodPro Supreme Performance saturates, seals and stabilizes wood to minimize cracking, warping and other damage caused by moisture and sun. The unique formula, combined with premium U.V.-absorbing transoxide pigments, provides a finish that accentuates the beautiful color of your wood for years to come. 

Where To Use

  • All new and weathered exterior woods including T1-11, Cedar, Redwood and Pressure-Treated Wood
  • New and weathered exotic hardwoods such as, Ipe, Pau Lope®, Ironwood, Mahogany and Teak
  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces such as decks, siding, fences and furniture


  • Rough Surfaces 100 - 150 sq. ft.
  • Smooth Surfaces 200 - 350 sq. ft.


  • Apply between 50° and 90° F. Do not apply in hot sunlight.
  • Do not apply if cold, wet weather is expected within 24 hours.
  • Do not thin - use as is.
  • Apply with one or combination of the following - Brush: High quality synthetic stain brush, Roller: Synthetic woven cover 3/8-3/4 inch,
    Spray: Air-Less Sprayer .011 - .015 fluid tip/ 700-800 psi or less, or garden sprayer.
  • Stir thoroughly before and periodically during application.
  • Apply one coat of FloodPro Supreme Performance.
  • Apply a second coat as soon as the wet look dulls (30-60 minutes) or anytime thereafter.
  • After sprayer or roller application, backbrush to improve penetration
    and uniformity of coverage.
  • Wipe up or brush out any puddles to avoid shiny areas, (within 30 minutes).
  • Cover everything you do not wish to coat, including plants and shrubs.

Dry Time
24 hours

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CWF Colors

Flood CWF-Hardwoods Tech Info

Gallon Sizes: Temperature: Cleanup:
1's and 5's
45-95 F Water
Coats  Required: Application Tools: VOC Compliant: 250
1 Coat
Sprayer, Pad, Brush, Roller Compliant in all States
Coverage Per Gallon: Dry Time:
150-250 sq. ft 24-48 Hours